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Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging Laboratory

High Resolution Microendoscopy for the Management of Esophageal Neoplasia


Agency:  NCI / NIH

Collaborators:  Rebecca Richards-Kortum (Rice), Sharmila Anandasabapathy (PI, Baylor College of Medicine)

Our group has developed a portable, battery-operated, high-resolution microendoscope (HRME) that provides subcellular images of the esophageal epithelium, delineating the cellular and morphologic changes associated with neoplasia. In a recent, single-arm pilot trial (R21), the HRME significantly increased the sensitivity and specificity of Lugol’s screening to 100% and 89%. Based on our extensive preliminary data, we now propose to optimize and validate a lower-cost (<$2,500), tablet-based system with a software interface that provides real-time image interpretation assistance, thus facilitating usage by less-experienced clinicians in low-resource settings. 


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