2023 Publications

A low-cost, paper-based hybrid capture assay to detect high-risk HPV DNA for cervical cancer screening in low-resource settings. Smith CA, Chang MM, Kundrod KA, Novak EN, Parra SG, Lopez L, Mavume C, Lorenzoni C, Maza M, Salcedo MP,Carns JL, Baker E, Montealgre J, Scheurer M, Castle PE, Schmeler KM, Richards-Kortum RR; Lab on a Chip. Vol 23 (3):451-465. Doi: 10.1039/d2lc00885h,Jan 2023.

Multimodal optical imaging with real-time projection of cancer risk and biopsy guidance maps for early oral cancer diagnosis and treatment. Coole JB, Brenes D, Mitbander R, Vohra I, Hou H, Kortum A, Tang Y, Maker Y, Schwarz RA, CarnsJ, Badaoui H, Williams M, Vigneswaran N, Gillenwater A, Richards-Kortum R; Journal of Biomedical Optics. Vol 28(1):016002. Doi:10.1117/1.JBO.28.1.016002,Jan 2023.

An integrated isothermal nucleic acid amplification test to detect HPV16 and HPV18 DNA in resource-limited settings. Kundrod KA, Barra M, Wilkinson A, Smith CA, Natoli ME, Chang MM, Coole JB, Santhanarag A, Lorenzoni C, Mavume C, Aitif H, Montealegre JR, Scheurer ME, Castle PE, Schmeler KM, Richards-Kortum RR; Science Translational Medicine. June 2023. Vol 15 (701): eabn4768. Doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed.abn4768.

Design and field evaluation of a lateral flow cassette device for point-of-care bilirubin measurement. Shapiro A, Mtenthaonga P, Mjumira R, Reuben M, Samuel A, Bond M, Carns J, Schwarz R, Johnston R, Mangwiro L, Odedere O, Miros R, McHugh S, Kawaza K, Dube Q, Ezeaka C, Richards-Kortum R; PLOS Global Public Health. Aug 2023. Vol 3(8): e0002262. Doi:10.1371/journal.pgph.0002262. eCollection 2023.

Optical imaging technologies for in vivo cancer detection in low-resource settings. Hou H, Mitbander R, Tang Y, Azimuddin A, Carns J, Schwarz RA, Richards-Kortum RR; Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering. Aug 2023. In Press; Available online. Doi:10.1016/j.cobme.2023.100495.

Scanning darkfield high-resolution microendoscope for label-free microvascular imaging. Hou H, Tang y, Coole JB, Kortum A, Schwarz RA, Carns J, Gillenwater AM, Ramalingam P, Milbourne A, Salcedo MP, Schmeler KM, Richards-Kortum RR; Biomedical Optics Express. Oct 2023. Vol 14 (10): 5097-5112. Doi: 10.1364/BOE.498584.

The Mulher Study: cervical cancer screening with primary HPV testing in Mozambique. Salcedo MP, Lathrop E, Osman N, Neves A, Rangeiro R, Mariano AAN, Nkundabatware JC, Tivir Gilhermina, Carrilho C, Monteiro ECS, Burny R, Thomas JP, Carns J, Andeade V, Mavume C, Mugolo RP, Atif H, Hoover H, Chivambo E, Chissano M, Oliveira C, Milan J, Varon ML, Fellman BM, Baker E, Jeronimo J, Castle PE, Richards-Kortum R, Schmeler KM, Lorenzoni C; International Journal of Gynecological Cancer. 2023 Oct 31:ijgc-2023-004958. doi: 10.1136/ijgc-2023-004958. Epub ahead of print.

A novel tailed primer nucleic acid test for detection of HPV 16, 18 and 45 DNA at the point of care. Chang MM, Ma A, Novak EN, Barra M, Kundrod KA, Montealegre JR, Scheurer ME, Castle PE, Schmeler K, Richards-Kortum R; Scientific Reports. Nov 2023. Vol 13: 20397. Doi: 10.1038/s41598-023-47582-y.

Avoid equipment graveyards: rigorous process to improve identification and procurement of effective, affordable, and usable newborn devices in low-resource hospital settings. Asma E, Heenan M, Banda G, Kirby RP, Mangwiro L, Acemyan CZ, Palamountain KM, Kortum P, Kawaza K, Oden ZM, Richards-Kortum R, and the Technical Collaborative Authorship Group; BMC Pediatr. Nov 2023. Vol 23 (Suppl 2): 569. Doi: 10.1186/s12887-023-04362-x.

Target product profiles for neonatal care devices: systematic development and outcomes with NEST360 and UNICEF. Kirby RP, Molyneux EM, Dube Q, McWhorter C, Bradley BD, Gartley M, Oden ZM, Richards-Kortum R, Werdenberg-Hall J, Kumara D, Liaghati-Mobarhan S, Heenan M, Bond M, Ezeaka C, Salim N, Irimu G, Palamountain KM, the TPP Survey, Consensus Meeting Participants Collaborative Authorship Group;BMC Pediatr. Nov 2023. Vol 23 (Suppl 2): 564. Doi: 10.1186/s12887-023-04342-1.

Devices and furniture for small and sick newborn care: systematic development of a planning and costing tool. Tarus A, Msemo G, Kamuyu R, Shamba D, Kirby RP, Palamountain KM, Gicheha E, Kumar MB, Powell-Jackson T, Bohne C, Murless-Collins S, Liaghati-Mobarhan S, Morgan A, Oden ZM, Richards-Kortum R, and Lawn JE; BMC Pediatr. Nov 2023. Vol 23 (Suppl 2): 566. Doi: 10.1186/s12887-023-04363-w.

Cervical cancer prevention program in Nepal: a ‘training of trainers’ approach. Batman S, Piya M, Chapagain S, Lama P, Maharjan P, Aryal B, Neupane M, Pariyar S, Phoolcharoen N, Eaton V, Sarchet V, Kremzier M, Carns J, Richards-Kortum R, Baker E, Varon ML, Salcedo MP, Milan J, Schmeler K, and Pariyar J; Journal of Global Health Reports. Nov 2023. Vol 7: e2023007. Doi: 10.29392/001c.90042.

Neonatal inpatient dataset for small and sick newborn care in low- and middle-income countries: systematic development and multi-country operationalisation with NEST360. Cross JH, Bohne C, Ngwala SK, Shabani J, Wainaina J, Dosunmu O, Kassim I, Penzias RE, Tillya R, Gathara D, Zimba E, Ezeaka VC, Odedere O, Chiume M, Salim N, Kawaza K, Lufesi N, Irimu G, Tongo OO, Malla L, Paton C, Day LT, Oden M, Richards-Kortum R, Molyneux EM, Ohuma EO, Lawn JE, and with NEST 360 Neonatal Inpatient Dataset Learning Group. BMC Pediatrics. Nov 2023. Vol 23 (Suppl 2): 567. Doi: 10.1186/s12887-023-04341-2.

Deployment and assessment of a deep learning model for real-time detection of anal precancer with high frame rate high-resolution microendoscopy. Brenes D, Kortum A, Coole J, Carns J, Schwarz R, Vohra I, Richards-Kortum R, Liu Y, Cai Z, Sigel K, Anandasabapathy S, Gaisa M, and Chiao E; Scientific Reports. Dec 2023. Vol 13: 22267. Doi: 10.1038/s41598-023-49197-9.